Cost Reduction  

Automatic Enrolment is compulsory for your business and we understand that this is an additional cost in your time and money. There are several methods available to help minimise your time and reduce these costs depending on payroll setup, size of company. By taking time now to choose the best pension fit for your company you will save you time and money if you find you have to change it later. 
This table shows the current "minimum" amounts the Employee and Employer are required to pay 
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Cost Modelling 
Employers currently have 4 choices on how to calculate their contributions which make up the amounts that have to be contributed into the Auto Enrolment scheme. We will research and advise the most cost effective method so you don’t pay more than you need too
Getting this wrong has cost employers thousands 
Salary Exchange 
This is an agreement between the employer and the employee to exchange part of the employees (gross) salary for pension payments saving the employee NIC and tax. The employer can also save NIC and this saving can either be reinvested into the pension or be used to offset costs. See table for potentional savings. 
This can be implemented at the start, on the yearly anniversary or at your 3 year mandatory re-enrolment. 
Employers are able to postpone when cotributions start into the scheme for up to 3 months 
Pay reference periods can be aligned. 
Delaying contributions can assist with set up costs. 
Avoid the enrolment or short term workers. 
Only entre workers into the scheme after their probation ends. 
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