Do I have to do this and what happens if I don't ? >> 
Is there ways of saving money on auto enrolment ? >> 
How long does it take to set up ? >> 
Do I need to know about pensions ? >> 
How do I tell my workers about it ? >> 
I already have a pension scheme so am I OK ? >> 
All my workers will opt out, so I don't need a scheme ? 
"Yes you do, and you still need to automatically enrol your eligible workers into a pension scheme, irrespective of whether they then opt out. So far, opt out rates have been significantly lower than initially anticipated". 
I outsource my payroll, I don't have to worry about it do I ? 
"You will be legally responsible for making sure that you're prepared for the changes and will be compliant with new Automatic Enrolment legislation even if you don't handle your payroll yourself". 
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