Employee Benefits  

Developing a modern relevant flexible benefits package which is well communicated and accessible to employees will provide you with a motivated workforce for a fraction of the cost of increasing salaries.  
It has been well documented that a “Happy worker is a good worker” and as the recognition of a good pension and relevant benefit packages continue to attract and retain key workers, it is an area that needs serious consideration. 
Fair Financial provide consultations with recommendations on how to build a sustainable long term benefits solution. We use salary exchange, an employee accessed online portal and communications to bring it all together which helps workers engage and take advantage of the benefits on offer. 
70.7% of employees say they are more likely to stay with their employer if it offers a good employee benefits package.* 
Employee Benefits packages
68.6% of employees say they are more likely to take a job if their new employer offers a good employee benefits.* 
Employee benefits packages

A good time to look at your benefits  

A consequence of Auto enrolment has been employers are now taking the opportunity to not only review their pension choices and prepare for 3 year re-enrolment, but also review their overall employee benefits offering. By reviewing both offerings together we can save you time, resources and money. Monitoring, reviewing and communication is essential to help workers engage and realise the benefits they have and your investment in their wellbeing. 

Some benefits available  

Employee benefits platform

Flexible benefits platform  

Everything on one platform for your business and your workers, accessible with any device. 
The platform is built in modules so you only take what you need thereby controlling cost, keeping it flexible and tailoring it for your specific business needs. An HR and benefits platform that is designed to grow with your business and help take care of those onerous administration tasks. 
Your employees can take and exchange benefits to fit with their individual circumstances. 
Flexible employee benefits platform

How we can help  

Review current benefits & provide recommendations on how they can work harder 
Independently search the market and secure the most appropriate products 
Create, implement, manage and administer your benefits selection and platform 
Advise on salary exchange/sacrifice schemes to help pay for new or existing benefits 
Communicate your benefits through presentations, emails and handouts 
Provide management reports on the state and effectiveness of benefits provided 
An annual review of all benefits and make changes where necessary 
Ongoing support for you and your workers 
*Capita, Educate and engage, Employee Insite Series 2017 
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